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    Main » 2014 » June » 30 » SGM Kyle Lamb, on various subjects
    SGM Kyle Lamb, on various subjects
    SGM Kyle Lamb
    Some of you gun article readers may be familiar with SGM (ret.) Lamb. He's been around in the gun community for years. I'd like to pass on some things he brought up, recently.

    He has an M&P 9mm Shield as his daily carry, and praises it for it's ease of carry, good ergonomics, reliability and even the fact that it features a MANUAL! safety, which he trains to quickly flick off, before firing. He has switched to it from a Glock 19. Well, I'm not the only one, now am I?

    He also mentions that Springfield has opted not to offer some of their models in .40 S&W, giving the opinion of the eminent shooter Rob Leatham to the effect that 'the .40 hurts, after a good amount of rounds, particularly if certain loads are shot'. I can't argue with that, coming from such a reputable source. I have found both it and .357 SIG to be so. I would still buy one for certain applications, but bearing in mind my experienced hand, and the fact that I won't be firing hundreds of rounds through it, either. This is the reason I won't/don't recommend the .40 or .357 for novices, though.

    Another most interesting topic he brought up was the cost of certain kinds of ammo. For example, he mentions that 9mm has a current price advantage of about $80, over .45 ACP, per lots of 1000. He also brings to light that 9mm reloads do not cost much more than .22 LR store bought rounds, today!

    Interesting man, interesting info.
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